Project // The Crochet Manghan


My husband wanted me to make him a blanket, but it had to “not have holes in it”…. and camo is his favorite color, so the crochet “manghan” was born.  Here’s how I made it:

The Crochet Manghan

14 skeins of camo yarn (I used Red Heart) + 1 partial skein for the border

Size I hook

Chain 211.  Single crochet every row until you run out of yarn.

(Also, I single crocheted one row all the way around it for a border)

That’s it!  Easy peasy… I won’t lie though, it did get a little boring and by the end, I was so sick of looking at camo I could have screamed.

I figured out that I got about 5 inches of length out of one skein of yarn… so after crocheting 14 skeins, I should have around 70 inches in length.  And the 211 chains gives you plenty of width for even the biggest guy.  Now if your guy is very tall, you may need to add a skein or two for more length.  After you crochet the first skein, measure it and go from there!


4 thoughts on “Project // The Crochet Manghan

  1. What would be the yardage for the wool? Would you know the size of the hook in ‘mm’? I’m pretty sure I could figure out the hook size on my own, but it would be lovely if you knew 🙂 thanks


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